Rail De-Icing Vehicle – RDV


  • For the de-icing of 3rd and 4th conductor rails
  • Automatic sensor application of de-icing fluid on to the conductor rails
  • Standard 1000Kg Trailer fitted with de-icing equipment with room to carry extra equipment, extra fluid etc.
  • Powered by Electric Alumicart
  • Lightweight for ease of manual handling, transportation and storage
  • Fail-safe braking


GAUGE: Standard 1435 mm, any gauge can be manufactured.
FRAME: Welded rectangular aluminium tube
WHEELS: Aluminium
AXLES: Through axles high grade steel on sealed ball races
BRAKES: Standard: spring actuated drum emergency and parking brakes on both axles fitted into the wheel hubs on one side of the trailer.  Both brakes are automatically applied when ignition is off, power fails or the linkage is broken. For uncoupled movement with isolated electrics, a lever is manually depressed to release the brakes.
NR Specification: patented electrical progressive braking, operator controlled
LIGHTS: Automatically changing directional White and Red LEDs front and rear; red all round when vehicle is stationary.