Petrol Drive Alumicart



  • Petrol engine motorised track trolley
  • 2-seat and 4-seat options
  • Lightweight
  • Track inspections
  • Trailer towing
  • Hauling equipment and materials
  • Personnel movement
  • Engineering applications: de-icing, weed-killing, cable laying, rail welding etc.
  • Bespoke designs


Gauge:                        Standard 1435mm (other gauges available)
Frame:             Welded rectangular tube – aluminium.
Seats:              Seats with back support and drain holes.  Seat belt fixing points.  Seat belts optional.
Wheels:            Aluminium, or aluminium with 10mm moulded rubber tyres.
Axles:               Through axles high grade steel on sealed ball races.
Engine:            Standard: 4HP Briggs and Stratton Petrol Engine.
Foot Petal:       Emergency and parking brake activator pedal which acts as a fail-safe brake when released.  Fully depressed before moving off, it increases revs to max from idle.
Vehicle will not travel until pedal is depressed.
Alternator:        24V 30A provides power for lighting up to 500 watts, and charge for sealed lead acid battery.
Battery:            24V Rechargeable sealed lead acid, providing up to 1 hour lighting to 50w, when engine not running to enable refuelling or vehicle inspection.
Brakes:             Full braking is achieved through the hydrostatic drive from the engine via the joystick.  Parking brake – fail safe spring activated drum brakes providing 4 wheel braking.  Brakes released when foot pedal is depressed.  These brakes also act as emergency brakes in the event of engine failure or dead man release.  Emergency towing brake – Emergency latching push button applies brakes on all attached Bance trailers.  All trailer brakes automatically applied when ignition is switched off.
Lights:              Automatically changing red/white directional marker lights. Hand held 55 watt Halogen spotlight fitted for quick release.  2 x 70 watt floodlights (one over each rail).
Horn:                Single tone electric.
Speed:                         Standard: 20 Km/h (30 Km/h optional)

Specifications 2NPAC 4NPAC
  Length (mm): 1250 1980
  Width (mm): 1650 1650
  Height (mm): 900 900
  Weight (Kg) 140 155
  Carrying Capacity (Kg): 300 550
  Max load for std speed machine Kg Kg
  < 1:100 gradient 2000 (UK 1000Kg) 2000 (UK 1000Kg)
   > 1:100 < 1:50 1000 1000
   > 1:50 500 500
  Special tow bars providing electrics to brakes and lighting on trailer