Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection

R. Bance & Co. Ltd began developing the Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Test Vehicle (UTV) in 1995 with the first model built the following year.

The vehicle, which has sold worldwide, is designed to detect and record rail defects at operating speeds of up to 16 Kph.  The battery electric lightweight Alumicart, fitted with proven ultrasonic instrumentation and double crystal probes, is cost efficient, reliable, user friendly and is approved for use by many railways, metros and tram networks worldwide including Network Rail and London Underground.

More recent developments on the UTV include rail depth measurement with continuous recording and platform gauging.

In addition to manufacturing and supplying UTV’s to the Rail Industry, Bance offer a Contracting Service, which carries out a full rail inspection service to the customer’s requirements, and satisfaction, recording and monitoring defects, and providing detailed reports on their findings.

The Ultrasonic Engineers needed to operate this specialist equipment are required to be highly skilled, tested and certificated, and R. Bance & Co. Ltd have ensured that all their own operatives carry all the required certification and documentation, as well as offering years of experience in Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection.

These Engineers operating individually, or in teams of two, are employed by Bance as full time operatives and are supplied with all the equipment necessary to provide the service nationwide or abroad.

The Bance Ultrasonic Engineering Division, through its highly qualified and experienced staff has carried out work for many leading maintenance contractors and track owners/operators.  This expanding division now has a number of long term operating contracts in the UK and overseas.

Overseas Contracts

Overseas Contracts

Overseas Contracts