Laser Guided Frog Measuring System


Laser guided frog measuring system

The HMG determines the geometry of the frog in relation to a specified target profile. For this purpose an optical chord of 3 m length set by laser is used as a reference line.

+ Digital, laser guided measuring device

+ Entire evaluation and analysis of the frog

+ Target/actual comparison of the frog’s profile

In Practice

The data capture is carried out by a measuring unit with a vertical moveable roller. Because of this all influencing geometric parameters such as gradients, curves and amplitudes are considered during the measuring process. Thus offers a complete and detailed evaluation of the frog’s condition and wear.

  1. Guiding part (left) incl. extension arm and laser
  2. Guiding part (right) incl. measuring roller
  3. Slide rod
  4. Outdoor notebook MPC
  5. Electronic unit
  6. Power supply
  7. Additional extension arm


Technical Data

Effective range* Resolution*
Distance 2930 mm 0,2 mm
Receiver 18 ± 0,5 mm 0,02 mm
Cant sensor ± 1.5° (max. ± 9°)



Assembled In transport case
Lenght x width x height 3300 x 1700 x 500 mm 1670 x 340 x 290 mm
Weight 33 kg 44