Versine Measurement


General-purpose versine measuring device

PFIA 1 is a simple measuring device used with a chord line for the determination of versines.

The measuring set-up is especially suitable for measurement and verification of versines during track re-alignment.

  • PFIA 1 enables versine measurement – inside and outside of a curved track
  • Suitable for all kind of tracks and turnouts – with rail foot size from 125 to 150 mm
  • The device is obstructionless and may thus be – clamped to the rail even during train operation

In Practice

PFIA 1 is clamped to the rail foot with its own clamps. The device may be used on tracks and turnouts with rails foot sizes from 125 to 150 mm.

Chords up to 80 m may be set out, while versines up to 800 mm may be measured.

The measuring device is also best suitable for use during switch tamping and lining as well as switch re-construction, because the slewing force of the tamping and lining machine may be used at these critical alignment points.

Since the line can be left clipped to the reference rail even across check rails, the versines can be check throughout the tamping and lining procedure as well as on the section already finished.

Technical Data

Chord up to 80 m
Versine up to 800 mm
Dimensions 1130 x 330 x 260 mm
Weight   28,8 kg

Measuring bars for versines


A complete set of measuring bars consists of 2 end bars (± 200 mm) and 1 middle bar including scale (± 700 mm).

The measuring bars are made of T-section aluminium and printed in a scratchproof Eloxal process.

  • high-quality measuring bars made of wearless T-section aluminium
  • scales are scratchproof printed
  • the measuring bars are insulated and officially approved by DB.