Standard Alumicarts


  • For use underground or on surface lines
  • For patrolling and inspecting
  • For hauling plant, equipment and materials to and from site
  • For transportation of personnel
  • For use as a site workhorse
  • Alumicarts and trailers may be linked and operated together to transport loads of increased volume
  • Specifications are adaptable allowing track engineers to customise designs to suit their specific requirements

Standard Models – Click here to view

For information about Alumicart Trailers, the Alumicart Cabin, Tool Box and other items please see the Alumicart Accessories page.


  • Integrated safety system on all Alumicarts and Trailers with automatic fail safe braking and automatically changing directional marker lights
  • Lightweight for manual portability and transportation in road vehicles
  • Accessible to track with confined access eg. escalators, stairways and gates
  • Faster delivery of machinery and materials to site
  • Allows for transportation of heavy loads
  • Provides extra lighting for night / tunnel work
  • May be used in conjunction with other equipment to perform specific engineering operations
  • Forward and reverse drive on all models


Portable motorised track trolleys entered service in the UK with the Bance Mark 1 two-seater Alumicart in 1993. Constructed from welded tubular aluminium and with a forward drive 4 HP petrol engine the Alumicart weighed 62 Kg and would tow loads of up to 350 Kg. The Mark 2 and Mark 3 saw various improvements including towing capacity being increased to 2000 Kg.

In 1996 the stronger square section second generation aluminium two and four-seater Alumicarts entered service with forward and reverse drive, powered by petrol, diesel or electric motors and with advanced fail-safe systems for multiple trailer towing.