Electric Drive Alumicart



  • Battery electric motorised track trolley
  • 2-seat and 4-seat options
  • Lightweight: chassis splits in to 2 sections for ease of manual handling
  • Difficult access areas: underground metros and elevated sections
  • Track inspections
  • Hauling materials: multiple Trailers and Alumicarts can be linked together and operated as one unit to increase haulage volumes and loads
  • Personnel movement
  • Environmentally friendly: no emissions, no noise, no vibration
  • Additional instrumentation:  OLE height and stagger gauging, ultrasonic testing, tunnel and structures gauging, rail depth recording, track geometry etc.


Gauge:                        Standard 1435mm (other gauges available)
Frame:                         Welded rectangular tube aluminium, rigid, or patented system for splitting into two sections.
Seats:              Contour seats with back support and drain holes.
Wheels:            Aluminium or patented rubber tyre.
Motors:             DC driving through gearboxes, sprockets and chains.
Control:            Single lever joystick controlling both motors and electromagnetic parking brakes, incorporating re-gen braking and fail safe control monitoring circuits.
Panel:              Console with ignition key switch, joystick, forward and reverse switch, dual max speed switch, battery voltage meter, low battery warning light, light switches and distance meter.
Batteries:         2 pairs for 2SBAC and 3 pairs for 4SBAC special heavy duty long life traction batteries, maintenance free, in permanently sealed aluminium carrying cases, cabling with quick release connectors.
Chargers:         Plug-in chargers for charging the batteries, either on or off vehicle.  90% charge in 10 hrs.
Brakes:             One per motor drive:
a. Electronically controlled braking by the motor via the speed control joystick                                  b. Electromagnetic fail-safe brake engaging automatically:
i) 2 seconds after zero speed has been achieved
ii) in the event of power failure
iii) low battery (less than 18 volts)
iv) when ignition switch in off position
v) when depressing emergency stop button
Mechanical override on each braking system with automatic power cut-out when applied.
Horn:                Operator controlled electric horn sounder
Lights:              Two red/white marker lights fitted to both front and rear of vehicle operated automatically to illuminate white light facing direction of travel, red light facing rear.  Ready wired for optional extra floodlights and spotlight.

Optional extra: Roof/Cabin to provide protection from on-board instrumentation such as computer equipment or for operators from severe weather conditions.
Lockable Tool Box for storage of tools, lights, First Aid, manuals and fire extinguisher.



Length (mm): 1980 1250
Width (mm): 1650 1650
Height (mm): 900 900
Weight without batteries (Kg): 170 120
Weight of batteries (Kg): 150 100
Additional carrying capacity (Kg): 550 300
* Max speed (Km/h): 16 16
* Typical range (Km): 60 55
Towing capacity (Kg) (Gradient 0-1:100): 2000 (UK 1000Kg) 1000
* Speed and range will vary according to use and voltage level of batteries)