Track Geometry Measuring System


  • Automatic data capture every 6mm travelled
  • Measurement parameters: gauge, cant, twist, alignment, longitudinal level and distance
  • Variable chord length up to 10m means the very highest levels of accuracy (no extrapolation of data required)
  • Real time monitoring (all readings are visible during operation)
  • Simple to operate; one-person set-up and operation
  • Ease of travel through turnouts in either direction
  • Splash-proof and shockproof laptop
Showing 10m chord length
Real time data analysis

A highly accurate, portable, one man operated instrument for the measurement of track geometry. It perfectly combines a very high degree of accuracy, robust reliability and practical functionality.

Continuous recording of: gauge, cant, twist, alignment, longitudinal level and distance. Automatic readings taken every 6mm of travel.

The Track Geometry Recording Trolley has a proven record of success in railways and metro systems worldwide.

Measurement ranges: for gauge 1435 mm:
Track gauge
Longitudinal level (@ 10 m chord)
Distance counting
1410 – 1490 mm
± 200 mm
± 216 mm
± 100 mm
selectable basis
Dimensions and weight:
Length x width x height
@ 10 m chord
10500 x 1920 x 380 mm

65 kg

Special features:
The measuring device is track circuit insulated
TGRT11 is also available for other gauge sizes including: 1000, 1067, 1524, 1668 mm