Motorised Hand Trolley (MHT)


  • Motorised Hand Trolley for the safe and easy movement of materials
  • 1000Kg loading
  • Variable speed control
  • Braking and fail safe braking
  • Improves safety allowing operator to look at ground conditions and hazards
  • Improves safety allowing heavy loads to be transported with minimum effort
  • Splitting / folding design for easy storage and transportation
  • Easy manual handling – heaviest section 53.5 Kg
  • Powered by two electric motors with 4 forward speeds, the MHT 2 can travel in both directions, operated from either end, by handset control


*MHT2 folded for transportation





1435 mm (Other gauges available)

Drive system:

2 x 24v. Electric Motors driving through gearboxes, sprockets and chains.


  1. Re-gen. Motor braking
  2. Dual disc fail-safe/parking brakes which engage automatically upon:

Zero speed; Low batteries; Power failure; Emergency stop


Manual override of each brake is achieved by use of the  Brake lever.


200mm diameter conductive or non-conductive patented Aluminium


4 independent axles supported at both ends


Operation via Hand Held Control Unit, incorporating Pistol Grip Dead Man, Emergency Stop, Speed Control and Battery Indicator


Battery operated marker lights are fitted to the support side of the MHC Mk2 only. 


Push button control on handset

Carrying capacity:

1000 Kg (UDL)


Platform Payload size:

L = 1730 mm              

W = 1720 mm

Platform height above rail:

H = 340 mm


Individual Weights:

MHT Tops

= 35.80 Kg

(17.90 Kg each)


MHT Power Unit

= 55.40 Kg



MHT Support Unit

= 30.55 Kg



MHT Batteries

= 48.70 Kg

(24.35 Kg each)

Gross Unladen Weight
(excl. batteries):


= 121.75 Kg


Max Speed*

8 Kph



Typical Range (light load)*

25 Km



Speed and Range will vary proportionally according to operating mode and battery status