Hand Signal Lamp

Signalling Lamps / Train Despatch


  • 3 or 4 Colour Rechargeable Hand Signalling Lamp
  • Robust build quality, can be dropped without risk
  • Battery charge condition indicator
  • 4 hours duration halogen full beam
  • 12 hours duration signalling colours: red, (amber), green
  • Automatic illumination for emergency in the event of power cut
  • Table Top Charger Unit with Charge Indicator LED
  • Accessories: Wall Mounting Unit, Carrying Strap
  • Weight: 1.2 kg Recharge: 8 hours Dimensions: L150 x W115 x H130
Green LED cluster –12 hours duration handsignallamp2
handsignallamp3 Amber LED cluster – optional
Red LED cluster –12hours duration handsignallamp4
handsignallamp5 Lamp stand
Desk top charger with wall mounting option handsignallamp6
handsignallamp7 Full charge LED indicator
Automatic illumination in event of power cut handsignallamp8
handsignallamp9 Carrying strap