Rail Band Saw


  • Electrically operated 110v/240v
  • High precision cuts quickly
  • Reduces preparatory work prior to welding saving 40-50 minutes per weld
  • Suitable for operation in metros (as used by London Underground)
  • Average 20 cuts per blade
  • Easy to operate and handle
  • Environmentally friendly: no emissions, low noise, low vibration
  • Low cutting costs
  • Fast and precise



Width: 630mm
Length: 640mm
Height: 558mm
Weight of Clamp: 19Kg
Cutting Capacity: 150mm x 180mm
Blade Type: Bi-band RIX-Astroflex
Blade Toothing: 4/5 CHIP-Splitter
Speed: 40m per minute
Blade Tension: 35-40 bar
Coolant Tank: 1 litre
Motor: 110v / 240v