Continuous Rail Depth Recording

Continuous Rail Depth Measurement


Recording / Logging System

  • The system is fundamentally an extension of our MS380DR rail flaw detection facility.  It uses the same MS380DR set but has a separate newly developed PC based recording system.  Concurrently with rail depth recording, the rail depth readings are taken from the 0° transducers in the ultrasonic probe heads and fed via the sets to a data interface adaptor (DI-720) mounted underneath the laptop computer providing graphical real time display and post recording download.


  • The rail depth readings are measured in mm and at distance intervals of 5cm along the track to  ensure that the lowest readings are obtained, i.e. where there is rail gall.  Both rails are measured concurrently.


  • The information shows:  date :  route :  location :  rail :  distance.  A special tachograph is fitted to give both distance and direction of travel, which, at the same time, allows rail flaws to be logged, and recorded showing details of the defects and pinpointing their precise location.


  • Manual additions may be logged in to indicate locations of wetspots etc.