Continuous Platform Gauging

Platform Gauge Recording / Logging System Via UTV

Technical Overview

This is an add-on ultrasonic/mechanical unit used in conjunction with the Rail Depth Measurement and Recording Unit on the Bance UTC.

There are two transducer units which measure the height and lateral position of the platform relative to the track, and a further transducer which measures the cross level of the track at the measuring point.

These generate three analogue signals:  one of platform height relative to a line joining the top of both rails, second giving the position of the platform edge relative to a vertical line at right angles to the line between the two rail tops extended upwards from the inside face of the rail adjacent to the platform.  The third gives the cross level measurement, indicating the relative height between the rails at the measuring point.

The platform measurements are made referenced to the inside edge of the running rail nearest the platform at a depth of 14mm from rail top.

The transducers measuring the platform edge are non-contact ultrasonic distance measuring units positioned 100 – 150mm from the platform edge.

Measurements are taken continuously every 50mm and recorded.  These can be taken at 8kph and have an accuracy of ± 1mm.

The platform-measuring unit is fixed to the Cart, but can be raised for easy transportation.  The whole unit can be removed from the UTC if required.

The results can be displayed either graphically or numerically.  We supply real time graphical display on the laptop computer with numerical download, unless requested otherwise by the customer.