Belt-Type Grinder

Belt Type Grinder for Rail Corrugations and Built Up Welds

MB9 – Abrasive band grinder

This grinder is provided with two types of interchangeable equipment:

A contact wheel for grinding resurfacing beads, or a support skid for the corrugations correction and de-scaling. Changing equipment is easy and rapidly accomplished.

1. Drive Motor

9 hp – 4 stroke, single cylinder 3000 rpm petrol motor.
cable start with automatic return – Trapezoidal belt transmission.

2. Abrasive Band

Band width 60 mm – special high performance abrasive – Grade 36.
Band running speed: 30m/sec
Band life expectancy: 2-3 hours intensive work
Band replacement: Use a locking lever, loosening the tension of the band by sliding the return pulley support bearing


  • i. Grinding Resurfacing Beads
    For use in this way, the grinder is equipped with a concave profile contact wheel that presses on the internal face of the abrasive band. The contact wheel position may be adjusted vertically using a threaded stem and hand wheel. The abrasive band attacks the layer of resurfacing without touching the rail on either side.
    The machine will achieve a smooth area over resurfacing.
  • ii. Corrugations Correction
    For use in this way, the grinder is equipped with a concave profile reversible support skid, longer than the step of the rail’s undulations with a bank of contact rollers on one side and a smooth friction plate on the other side. The skid is installed in place of the upper contact wheel and supports the internal face of the band.When the adjustment wheel is turned, the abrasive band is set flush with the crests of the undulations. Pushing the grinder along the rail, several passes are made to remove all crests.
  • iii. De-scaling of New Rails
    Rolling mill scale is removed in one pass over the full width of the rail head.
  • iv. Lateral Angle
    The lateral angle of the grinder is controlled by a hand wheel located on the end of the balancing arm which is supported by a guide roller locating on the opposite rail.

4. Weight and Dimensions

Length: 1.500mm

Width: 500mm

Height: 800mm

Weight: 98Kg