Alumicart Accessory Summary


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Alumicart Trailers have a 2-tonne loading capacity and are available with flat-bed or well-type tops from sheet aluminium or wood.

Electrical linkage between the Alumicart and the trailer provides the trailer with automatically changing red and white directional marker lights. The same electrical linkage controls the fail safe breaking system. In the unlikely event of a trailer break-away, a warning alarm sounds next to the operator of the Alumicart whilst the automatic brakes are applied to the trailer.

Bance Alumicart Trailers are built such that design specifications are adaptable allowing the potential user to request altered designs to suit their specific operational requirements.

Special trailer design adaptations have included A-frames for cable laying, extra seating for personnel carrying and housing for scaffolding towers.

Roof / Cabin

Fold away cabins are available for both 2-man and 4-man Alumicarts. Constructed with an aluminium roof, polycarbonate front and rear wind screens and sealable side panels.

Seat Belts

Seat belts are an optional extra on all models of Alumicart.

Tool Box

Lockable chassis mounted tool boxes are an optional extra on all models of Alumicart.


With the addition of a generator Alumicarts may be fitted with banks of extra lighting allowing for the mobile illumination of work sites.